Saturday, September 10, 2011

New books by Kiersten White

Today Kiersten White revealed that the end of the Paranormacly triology, will not be the end of books written by Kiersten White and published by HarperTeen. She has signed another book deal with HarperTeen for four books:
MIND GAMES will come out winter of 2013
FLOOD AND STONE will come out fall of 2013
MIND GAMES 2 will come out winter of 2014
An unnamed standalone will come out fall of 2014
This means that we will have plenty to read for several years to come.
I for one can't wait to find out what they're about! The only thing bugging me is how 2013 is so far away.

Trying to catch up

Sometimes my offline life doesn't want to agree with my online life. That is what happened, and that is why became neglected.
I am very sorry for this.

So I am now trying to catch up with everything, and I am sorry if there are things I've missed, but basically this is what has happened since the last time I wrote an update.

Supernaturally has been released!
Of course. It seems almost silly to say, since everyone should have got their copy by now. But it's a huge event which I am really sorry for not giving more attention here at
Please let me know what you think of Supernaturally in the comments.

And it's a New York Times Bestseller!
Again: of course. I mean, who didn't see that one coming? It's an awesome book.

Ray Kay will be directing Paranormalcy.
That is right, they have found a director. Ray Kay is, among other things, a music video director, and I am sure you have seen a lot of his work as he has done music videos for Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, James Blunt... well, you get it, I can go on forever listing huge names. Make sure to follow Ray Kay on twitter and/or facebook.

HarperTeen is sending Kiersten White on tour.
It will take place during october and I think you should head over to Kiersten's blog to read the full schedule. (Also take the time to admire the new blog design she's got, cause it's really pretty!)

While I was gone, Kiersten White also got to take over HarperTeens Youtube channel, making it possible for fans to ask her questions, of which the nine most popular (+ a bunch of other ones as well) got answered through the use of videos. You can watch them all by clicking here or just watch the answers you are most interested in, the questions answered were:
1. As an active writer/published author/mom of little ones, how much time do you devote to writing each day (on average)? how much time to edits/revisions?
2. How has writing affected how much you read?
3. Have you tried out your pink taser yet on anyone? :) Has anyone volunteered?
4. The stalker: full story, please. :)
5. How long did it take you to write your first book?
6. Where did your inspiration for Reth come from? Somebody you met in real life, or a book character? (Or a mix of both?) If a real person, CAN YOU INTRODUCE HIM TO ME PLEASE? If a book character, was he a Jane Austen character?
7. Kiersten, I was wondering what your worst enemy is? Also what was your first date like? ;)
8. Did you have any say in your covers, because they are beautiful!
9. Any advice on getting an agent/getting published?
10. LIGHTNING ROUND - in which Kiersten answers a lot of questions.

And last but not least in this Trying to catch up post. I have not yet shown you the German cover for Paranormalcy. What do you think?

As for the news revealed today, they will be posted seperatelly. If you feel like there is something I have missed, please let me know by sending me a mail.