Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Cover of Supernaturally!

You haven't missed that Kiersten White has Supernaturally week over at her blog, have you?
 Now, if you have, you better get your IPs over there right this instant. There is an internationally open contest going on right now where you can win:
A signed, personalized UK edition of Paranormalcy (I [Kiersten] don't have Supernaturally yet and don't know when I'm getting it)
A custom sketch from Hot Stuff!
But the awesome didn't end there. Kiersten posted Evie and Lend's song along with a never-before-seen cut passage from Paranormalcy! And there is so much other stuff you need to check out.

The highlight of the week, though, happened yesterday. As promised, Kiersten had a big one saved for this friday. We got to see the Supernaturally cover. (Click the images for fullsize, you know you want to)

Isn't it absolutely gorgeous! I just love the coloring and the lightning in the background.