Monday, January 24, 2011

Win a signed Paranormalcy: UK edition

Kiersten White just announced that she will give away a signed copy of Paranormalcy, UK edition. The contest takes place on twitter and facebook and it is open internationally so don't miss out.

If you want to enter via twitter:
Tell Kiersten (@kierstenwhite) your favorite owner of a voice with a British accent, fictional or not. (Kiersten adds I use the term "British" loosely. Scottish & Irish totally count, as do Australian & NZ, since this is their edition, too.)
You MUST use the hashtag #ParanormalcyUK and there will be a random winner.

For example:
@kierstenwhite Eddie Redmayne #ParanormalcyUK

If you want to enter via facebook:
Go to Kiersten White's official facebook page and comment on the A contest! A contest! image. Once again, the question she wants answered is who is your favorite owner of an English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Australian, or New Zealand accent?

Deadline is tomorrow, 12:00 PM Pacific Time

Of course you have to follow Kiersten on twitter, and "like" her facebook page. But you already do that, don't you?

Good Luck!


Christian Cumpston said...

Tweeter I am not using so only few guest of the face book have the announcement proves by the para normalcy happened. That is the owner contest for the best eassy that she had announced on the tweet time where I was no there.

Alica Wiltshire said...

All day work in office are get us to the very tired that’s why I watched the movie after a lot of work done. Paranormalcy is my favorite movie for studentwritingservices and I watched all the series of this waiting for the next one.