Thursday, January 6, 2011

Para in UK and Russia, and new teaser from Supernaturally

It's January 6th, which means that Paranormalcy is now out in the UK in a really shiny paperback version.

UK version on the right.
But that is not all. Yesterday, Kiersten tweeted another one of those quote teasers we love so much.
"Why would I ever want a lusty tree nymph when I could have a hyperventilating Evie?" was quickly added to the Supernaturally-page.
What do you think? Is it being said by someone we already know? Come speculate with us over on the forum.

And last, but not least, the Russian cover of Paranormalcy has been revealed.
Thanks to Kiersten White herself for letting us know.
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What do you think? Google Translate claims the title is Predicting the elves. Do we have any russian-speaking readers who can confirm that?

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