Monday, December 20, 2010

Paranormalcy's Cover Story

Melissa Walker has a section of her blog in which she features Cover Stories, where authors get to talk about how their cover came to be. And today she posted the cover story for Paranormalcy.
The one idea I had was two arms crossing the cover and holding hands in the middle--one glowing slightly, and one a nearly invisible outline, to represent the two main characters. I'm really, really glad they didn't listen to that. I also suggested a hand rising out of a grave and a pink booted foot standing on it, but it was way too Buffy-esque, and I'm again glad they didn't even consider it. At one point they told me they were playing with an extreme close up of eyes, which I liked because eyes are very important in the book.
Read the rest over at Melissa Walker: The Blog. (And don't miss the shot from the shoot.)

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