Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kiersten White at the King's English

This video is a bit old, it was shot during Kiersten White's signing at The King's English in September. But I actually haven't seen it before, so maybe some of you haven't either.
This is from the Q&A session where Kiersten talks about how she, unlike Evie, didn't want to be like everyone else in High School; about a new character (Jack) who will appear in the sequel Supernaturally and what her favorite paranormal creature is. Among many other things, of course. The video is recorded by Emily at Emily's Reading

The sound is quite low, so, after the intro, be prepared to turn those volume buttons.

There is also some talk about (im)possible love triangles. Did you find any while reading Paranormalcy? If you did, feel free to vote on the new poll over at the forum. I'm eager to hear your thoughts on that.

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