Thursday, December 9, 2010

Do you watch the Vampire Diaries?

Kiersten White has written a recap of the latest The Vampire Diaries episode; The Sacrifice, for Smart Pop Books. Smart Pop Books are the publishers of A Visitor's Guide To Mystic Falls: Your favourite Authors on The Vampire Diaries, in which you can find an essay about the real bad boy of Mystic Falls written by Kiersten White.

But back to the recap, here is a sample:
Beautiful Elena sleeping in full makeup! Yes, we don’t get enough of those shots. But wait! There’s a guy watching her. Edward! Wait, no, it’s the Big Daddy Warlock, creeping on Edward’s trademark move.  Stake your own territory, Big Daddy Warlock, that’s so been done.

Also, shouldn’t Elena have learned by now to never, ever sleep? She does the, wait, is that someone creeping around my room who is neither my boyfriend nor another variety of vampire that goes all glitter-tastic in sunlight? look and turns around to find … no one. So she tiptoes out into the hall and…

Oh, hey, shirtless Alaric and embarrassed Jenna. Can’t we let Jenna be sexy instead of awkward? SO AWKWARD. Apparently only the teens (or, well, the people older than I am playing teens) are allowed to have hot scenes instead of awkward encounters. Also, I love Alaric. So, so much. If the writers ever kill him I will sneak into their rooms and watch them sleep and see how they like it.

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